Hair Loss Information, Cure and Treatment

hair lossI am intrigued…..intrigued by all those articles that claim that bald men are, in fact, a lot sexier than men with hair. Really? Well, there may be something in that I guess. I mean, look at Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan, Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart. They are hugely popular and quite sexy too! But, then again think of people like Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackson, and Brad Pitt… aren’t they a whole lot sexier? I thought so. I think I will take my chances with having a cool haircut & being sexy rather than being bald. On that note, welcome to my website on hair loss!

Having said that I prefer to have hair on my crown (and on yours too), I will respectfully also acknowledge that bald people have their own distinct sex appeal. But there’s a whole world of difference between bald and balding. I can’t see how there can be anything sexy about losing hair in patches. I am sure, once you’ve lost them all, you can stake claim to looking sexy but not until then. And, right now I am quite sure that you aren’t considering that option at all since you are here looking for an effective hair loss treatment for men.

Male Pattern Baldness and it’s Causes

Men usually suffer from something known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). While there are several factors that can cause MPB, the two leading causes are presence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a substance produced from testosterone, around the hair roots and inherited genetic information.

The other causes of baldness in men could be:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Stress
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hair Shaft Breakage
  • Sudden changes in diet, such as crash dieting, iron deficiency, and low intake of protein
  • Chronic illnesses

In most other cases, it’s growth will resume once you correct the flaw in your lifestyle. For instance, if the cause is due to some prescription medicine you are on, once you stop or switch to an alternate medicine, your hairs will grow back gradually. Similarly, excess stress can lead to balding too, but that is not the same as MPB. With proper stress busting techniques, you will see your hair growing back quite soon. You don’t usually require specific hair loss treatment to target the problem.

True or False?

When looking for appropriate treatment for hair loss on the internet, you might run into various myths and half truths related to this subject. It is best to sort fact from fiction so that you are not impeded in your treatment. Here are some of the popular myths that you are bound to come across.

Myth: Hair loss is caused by genes on the maternal side

Fact: Not true. It is true that baldness can be inherited, but it can come down from your father’s side of the family as well.

Myth: Using hair products in excess can cause hair loss

Again, not true. Yes, too many chemicals can affect the quality of your hair but not its quantity.

Myth: Wearing caps or hats can lead to baldness

How ridiculous! Of course not. Can you imagine how many professional sports players would be bald if this were true? Go ahead; look stylish with that fancy cap, if you want to.

Myth: Blow drying leads to hair loss

Not true. Blow drying can burn your hair, causes split ends, and damage its texture, which in turn can cause hair to fall. But this hair loss is not permanent and it certainly doesn’t lead to MPB.

Now that you know what is true and what isn’t, check out this hair loss treatment that has the entire world excited.

Are There Really Any Good Hair Loss Treatments?

Good hair loss treatments do exist. Hair loss treatments is an enormous business, and there are plenty of financial incentives for scientists and drug companies to find cures.
But we need to be honest here. Even the best hair loss treatments do not work for everybody. There are some heads where they just cannot be grown back. So don’t expect a miracle, but do follow up and find out if your condition can be helped. A large proportion of people with these problems can be helped with modern hair loss treatments.
And don’t just assume that if you cannot naturally regrow your hair then there is nothing that can be done for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although even the best hair loss treatments are not infallible, there are always other good solutions. There is always something for you.

Avoid Unproven Products

There are products which you should avoid. Beware of all sorts of claims that are made about all sorts of unproven products. It is possible to buy many different supposedly effective hair loss treatments which have no scientific basis for the claims. Do not take the advice of the people who sell the product that it is safe and it works. There are risks to just buying something on the strength of various claims made about it. There can be side effects to many treatments, including those which have been proven to work.
Before starting any treatment make sure that you get professional medical advice. Never assume that all hair loss treatments work, many do not. And always buy your medicines from a registered pharmacy.

What Are My Options?

There are a couple hair loss treatments that have been approved by the FDA. One is a product using minoxidil which goes by the name of Rogaine for men or Rogaine for women and the other uses finasteride which is called Propecia. Note that Propecia is for men only on prescription. Only use either product exactly according to your doctors and the product directions.
Also, Provillus is a great hair loss treatment for men, It is formulated in a manner that provides not just an external but also an internal solution. On the outside clinically proven component Minoxidil works to repair the damage done by loss of hair. Of course, it requires topical application. On the inside, the capsule provides the body with much required nutrition and takes care of any deficiencies there might be. This two-fold action causes the hairs to grow back, not overnight, mind you, but gradually and naturally…exactly the way it is meant to be.
Provillus is a safe product since it has natural ingredients in it. There are no harmful chemicals and there’s no need to worry about any dangerous side effects. Provillus is an easy to use and highly efficient product that beats any other hair loss treatment in the market. Go for it.

Life is beautiful and don’t let a minor problem like baldness get in way of enjoying it. Why would you want to live with baldness when you have such a great solution available to you? Try Provillus for Men – it works, it truly does!

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Then there are the surgical hair loss treatments. Transplants, flap surgery and scalp reduction. These work, but cannot be used on everyone. And again, make sure that you consult a properly qualified physician about these procedures, they are surgical procedures.
And for those who cannot be helped by one or other of these hair loss treatments, there are also options such as hairpieces. Modern hairpieces are very good and virtually undetectable. Do not discount them.

Female Hair Loss – But I Can’t Have Hair Loss, I’m A Woman!

A common reaction to female hair loss is – how can I have hair loss, I’m a woman and women don’t go bald! But female baldness does happen.
Female hair loss usually happens for different reasons to male hair loss, and in different ways. And of course some female hair loss is also perfectly natural. Both men and women lose hairs every day as part of the growth cycle, and this is not a problem. It is only when a womans female hair loss becomes excessive, or losing hairs at a faster rate than it can be replaced, that it may become a problem.

What Causes It?

And of course many of the same factors that cause reversible hair loss in men can also cause female hair loss. Factors like stress, certain medical conditions and certain medical treatments. And often hormonal changes that occur as a part of life. And they are also often reversible.
And one of the more common causes can be dieting. Rapid weight loss can itself cause hair loss in women and this can be exacerbated by imbalances in the nutrient intake in the diet, or excessive intake of some nutrients.

Always Advice Your Doctor If Your Unsure

However, as for men, there are some types of female hair loss which are more problematic. Women can also suffer from inherited loss of hair which can be a problem – female pattern baldness.
If I’m worried about it what do I do? Exactly what the men should do. See your doctor. Your doctor can find out the cause of your female hair loss and tell you exactly what your options are. It may be nothing to worry about at all. And women too can use Rogaine for womens hair loss, assuming that you have consulted your doctor first. There is a womens version. But not Procepia, that is for men only.

Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

So you want to prevent hair loss? If you have been searching for medications, or other ways to prevent hair loss, you are going to benefit the most out of the little secrets I’ve found to be the most effective in preventing hair loss.
Don’t get me wrong. While some of the commercial products may work for some people, you are not sure if it will for you. And even before you find out if it does, you will have spent a lot of money for the products already.
Don’t put this off. You can see by what other people are saying that this is truly and honestly the real thing. If you’re serious about preventing hair loss as I am, then you’re gonna want to try these solutions just as soon as possible – you’ll feel the results almost immediately…
If you’re ready to finally start seeing results, here are the little known secrets to prevent hair loss that I’m finally going to share to you..

  • 1.Nettle roots. These are the big plants that experts usually used to block the production of chemicals that cause prostate enlargement. These same roots are one of the most effective yet least known treatment for hair loss. Not only does it help to slow down baldness, it also regenerates hair growth.
  • 2.Vitamins. Our moms always told us that vitamins are good for our health, but we were never really told the wonders it does to our hair. Vitamin A promotes the production of sebum in the scalp that makes our hair healthier. Vitamin E stimulates blood circulation, which is good for the scalp for the follicles to always be productive.
  • 3.Garlic, onion, and ginger. No, you are not going to cook something up using these. Garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice, when massaged into the hair stimulates circulation as well and makes hair follicles active also. Keep in mind though that any two combination of these three should not be done, unless you want your hair and scalp to smell awful.

Seriously consider these natural solutions to ward of hair loss and you will be better off than people trying other commercial products.
If you are ready to see results or if you are just getting started in preventing hair loss, this is your chance to finally get the inside story of what it really takes to slow down the signs of common baldness and even prevent it completely.

So What Type Of Hair Transplants Are There?

There are a number of different types of hair transplants that you can have. Hair transplants are not just about transplanting individual hairs. Transplants are surgical procedures where a surgeon redistributes hair from an area where there is thicker to an area where there it’s thinner. It may seem obvious but hair transplants are not available to anyone who does not have sufficient hair already to support them. Hair transplants do not involve transplanting hair from someone else. And like other surgery, there can be side effects, so always talk to your surgeon about this before you undertake any form of hair transplant surgery.

Which Types of Hair Transplants are Available?

The form of hair transplants that is probably the most well-known is where individual or groups of hairs are transplanted in small plugs into another area of the scalp. For example in frontal hair transplants they are implanted into the top of the forehead where the patient has a receding hairline. These plugs are usually taken from an area of thick hair at the back of the head.

Scalp Flap and Scalp Reduction Surgery

There are commonly two other forms of hair transplants that can be considered. Scalp flap surgery is where segments of hair bearing scalp are moved over to cover the affected area. The advantage is the resultant new coverage is immediate, although it is not common to affect a complete result in one operation. And scalp reduction surgery is where amounts of bald scalp are removed to bring the areas of hair closer together until they join up. All can be very effective when done properly on patients for whom that type of surgery is appropriate.