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Environment & Agriculture Research Projects

Nova Scotia wine mapping tool

Thirty years since the granting of the first winery license, the Nova Scotia Wine industry has achieved a significant profile for wine quality and economic, cultural and lifestyle benefits for the province.

The EATlab is creating a geo-database containing a variety of observed and forecasted information. Using a web-based software application, grape growers and wineries will have easy access to this information from a browser in graphical (maps) and textual formats. 

Interactive Science Atlas

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve (SNBR) Interactive Science Atlas is a free web-based atlas created for southwest Nova Scotia. Providing available information that describes the Southwest Nova Scotia Region, its interactive content creates an engaging learning experience. Designed for high school, post-secondary students and landowners, the atlas supports learning and best practices surrounding land management in the region.

Researchers will use the atlas as a platform to share their work to a wider and more diverse audience. The atlas will increase awareness of the regions scientific richness and globally recognized UNESCO designation.

Agriculture bio-resource suitability model

Global pressure for environmentally friendly and renewable products is driving demand for bio-products and creating a new economic engine considered the "bio-economy." As a result, the province of Nova Scotia has been looking to invest in bio-product development to help to grow the province's economy. EATlab is using spatial data on agricultural land use, feedstock locations, infrastructure, climate data and datasets to determine the potential of the agricultural land needed to unlock the potential of the region as a viable location for bio-resource production.

The overall goal is to build an online GIS web based application for field staff, potential growers, and potential investors in the bio-resource sector. Users will be able to understand the feedstock potential and site locations around the high-potential areas for dedicated biomass crop production.

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