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Discover interesting and helpful articles about NSCC and your career options.

Andre Fenton is a two-time NSCC graduate.

Inspiring youth through creative expression

Andre Fenton is a two-time NSCC grad making a difference in the lives of young people. Read more...

Licensed Practical Nurse graduate, Januka Adhikari.

Dreaming is easy. Doing takes courage.

At NSCC, a former Nepalese refugee realizes her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Read more...

NSCC alumni Lindsay McMullen

Designing her own future

Lindsay McMullen's co-op placement led to a design career in the tech industry. Read more...

NSCC alumni Stephanie Purcell

Creating a unique career as a booking agent

Stephanie Purcell is a NSCC grad devoted to promoting Nova Scotia talent and bringing talent to Nova Scotia. Read more...

NSCC alumni Yarnell Arsenault

Pursuing a passion for entrepreneurship

Yarnell Arsenault is a NSCC alumni and entrepreneur taking charge of his future. Read more...

NSCC alumni Karina Matthews-Denny

Making a career change

Karina Matthews-Denny graduated in 2001 and then went back to school later for a new career. Read more...

NSCC alumni Corey LeRue

Blazing a trail in the music industry

Corey LeRue's determination and education have helped him realize his dreams. Read more...

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