The Short and Long Game: The Media Plans of 2019 & 2024

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MediaPost’s annual Forecast gathering of the media leaders reviews how agencies and their clients have allocated spending for the current year and where they are placing their bets for the next five.

Our editors press senior agency executives on how they are knitting coherent plans from this fragmented media scape of linear and advanced TV, digital display and video, mobile screens, the social and search oligopoly and post-advertising marketing efforts. How are concerns around transparency, brand safety, privacy, the tug of performance metrics and a consolidating media industry impacting immediate planning?

And then we turn to some of our favorite futurists, borrow their crystal balls and predict how current and emerging channels will dominate the media plans of 2024. Are any of the bright shiny objects in tech – blockchain, AI, VR, Internet of Things - worth a solid bet? And how will we manage and secure the data and automation needed to drive such complex systems? Will humans even be doing the 2024 media plan?


We will explore:


Quality Pledge

MediaPost strives for excellence in its coverage of media, marketing and advertising. Our mission is to critically engage key questions for brand marketers, media buyers, sellers and emerging platforms. We choose speakers exclusively for their ability to bring perspective and insight to our stage. All conferences are programmed by proven, expert, unbiased journalists. MediaPost has never and will never engage in "pay to play" conferencing.




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