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Wi-Fi Services

NSCC is pleased to provide Internet Wi-Fi services to its students, guests and staff. Please see the setup instructions below or visit our campus Digital Innovation staff for assistance.

There are several Wi-Fi networks available for use, all have Internet access. Our services are currently being upgraded, some campuses have different Wi-Fi networks than others during the upgrade (project completion mid-2019).

1. Eduroam (available at all campuses)

Eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution's wireless credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other eduroam-affiliated institution without having to set up a guest account. This is the Wi-Fi network staff and students should use with their personal devices. Learn more »

2. NSCCGuest (available on most campuses, phased in everywhere in mid-2019)

A self-service (text/SMS based) Wi-Fi network built for guest use at NSCC campuses.
Limited speed and meant for Guest use only. Staff and Students should use the Eduroam network.

3. HotSpot@NSCC (phased out by mid-2019)

HotSpot Wi-Fi uses SSL encryption for securing the login page but otherwise is an open/unencrypted Wi-Fi network that is simple to connect to and use. It is being replaced by NSCCGuest during our network upgrades.

Setup Instructions:

To connect to NSCCGuest (if available at your campus):

  • Connect your device to the NSCCGuest Wi-Fi network.
  • A webpage should open on your device prompting for a mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number to receive a text message with an authorization code valid for 4 hours.
  • Enter the code on the next page of the website for internet access.

To connect to HotSpot@NSCC:

  • Connect to WiFi using your device
  • Open your browser and go to any Internet website
  • You will be redirected to login using your NSCC username and password
  • Once logged in, you should be connected to the Internet

To connect to Eduroam:

Need help?

Find a Contact
For more information or general inquiries, please contact the Student Services Team at a campus near you!
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