Hair Loss Causes

Although many people suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, there is yet to be found a hair loss treatment that works for all different types of hair loss. Reason for hair thinning and hair loss can include various reasons including genetics. Other causes for hair thinning may include drug usage or diseases, as well as ring worm and other scarring. Although a man losing his hair can be disheartening, a woman or a child losing their hair can be truly devastating. When this happens, individuals will seek out a way of treating the hair loss so that they are not embarrassed to go out in public. Unfortunately, there has not been very much research done in the field to find a cure up to this point. However, there are more researchers today searching detailed causes for hair thinning.

Causes For Hair Loss in Men

For men, the most common reasons for hair thinning are due to genetic factors, causing about eighty five percent of men to have had some sort of loss by the time they are fifty years of age. There are some men who experience hair loss at an early age, such as by the time they are twenty five, which is particularly embarrassing and hard to resolve. The loss tends to affect the relationships that the men have in their lives, making people think that they are much older than they really are in cases of early losses.
Since this is the case, researchers have been looking for natural and medical ways that men can help to prevent the loss in the first place and can help to replace the hair if the baldness has already occurred. Different product on the market to help with hair thinning and hair re-growth include award winning FNS Hair Loss Treatment for men and women as seen in Allure Magazine.

Causes For Hair Loss in Women

For women, there is also a genetic factor that plays into the reasons for hair thinning. There are about forty percent of women who experience some sort of loss by the time they are forty years old. This is especially devastating for women, who see their hair as a part of their femininity. Unfortunately, hair loss for women, although relatively common, is considered unacceptable in society today. Men’s baldness is socially accepted and there is usually joking and empathy that goes along with the progressive condition. This is not the case for women, who have to strive to find ways to hide the progressing baldness. In addition, they usually do not get much sympathy from the medical profession which really does not have a definitive answer for this type of baldness at this point in time.

Causes For Hair Thinning in Children

There is also hair loss in children, although it is not as common as in men and women. There are several reasons that can cause this type of loss such as tinea capitis, which is a disease that causes the hairs to break off in patches on the head. Other reasons for hair thinning in children include alopecia areata, which is another disease which causes patches of completely bare skin on the head.